MẦM | A Short Film

Design by Thinhbrand & Jos Buu

In the Post- apocalyptic world, where we were living, became toxic and extremely harsh. The story was talked about Will’s journey. While fighting the harsh weather to win the life, he discovered his own power. And finally, by his own one, he could renovate the world.

“Mầm” is a short animation project, which is the result of co-operation between Thinhbrand and Jos Buu, taking the topic of post-apocalypse to convey the message of protecting environment.

The inspiration of us to create landscapes and characters, that comes from Steampunk Style. The film is conducted by the technique of concept art. Then, conducting animated on the software to create the desired motion and effects.


concept idea & storyboard

There are many sketches and ideas we already made as well as some demo versions we had to remove. However, after having considerated and selected carefully now we decided to only take the final version. This is the one that can meet the demand for some requirements for our contents, messages as well as resources



Segment 1

The world was full of harshness and death: Will had a hard time to find out a shelter from the coming storm and he fell asleep.

Segment 2

Will got lost in an opposing world, where was different from with the world he was living in. But there was something wrong that the creatures at here were in pain and loss. Will discovered his ability that he could heal everything he touched; in return he will 
 be faded and fell into the pain.

Segment 3

Will met the god of the Forest, which was considered as source of living at here. After thinking for a moment, he decided to sacrifice and used his ability to save the forest

Segment 4

 He died at the same place where he lay to escape the storm. From his body and everything around the place he lay, the living seed began to appear 

We’d like to thank those, who have accompanied and helped us while conducting this project.
Especially sincerely thank to 2 teachers, who guide us: Mr. Tran Thanh Son and Mr. Nguyen Van Du.

THANK YOU!​​​​​​​
MẦM | A Short Film