Case Study:
Sunny Side Up
Foodservice | South Bend IN
The Location:
South Bend, IN
Where Hipster Meets Classic
The Mood Board:
An Unexpected Morning
Not your mother's cafe art, designed to shock you as much as your morning cuppa 
The Prompt:
Eastern Inspired Americana
While South Bend may have only recently taken stage as one of the US's fastest growing cities after its current mayor's presidential bid, it has been growing as a city in its own right for some time. Seeking to capture the hipster vibe of the growing metropolis, Sunny Side Up approached us for this project.

During our research, we looked at a number of different cafe aesthetics that were gaining prominence and 'cool' factor, Japanese and Korean cafes being first-most among them. While the final project is most heavily inspired by the city it exists within, there is a constant blend of styles throughout the project which gives it a big city feel, even in the still up-in-coming surroundings.
Sunny Side Up Cafe