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Graciousness 2019 for the Land Transport Authority
One Simple Move is all it Takes 
to be Thoughtful!
In 2014, Dentsu Singapore introduced the Land Transport Authority of Singapore's (LTA) graciousness campaign by creating the Thoughtful Bunch. These are 5 characters that exemplify the 5 gracious actions one can have on public transport: 
Bag-down Benny, Stand-up Stacy, Move-in Martin, Hush-Hush Hannah, and Give-way Glenda. 

Every year, LTA refreshes the campaign to ensure relevance and message top-of-mind. 
Together with The Momentum and Yellowbox, we worked off an original (less exciting) music track furnished by the client and created the music video titled More Awesome Rides. Featuring more than 25 dancers, it brings our audience a story that everyone can make their rides more joyful with a thoughtful move.

Enjoy the bright lights, the colours, and the thoughtful message behind the work – together with the 4500 people who reacted, the 125 who commented, and 862 shares on social media. I hope it brings a smile to your face as much as it did mine!
The Thoughtful Bunch
Master Key Visual
Each of our graciousness characters had their own key visuals communicating their own messages. These were adapted into window stickers, wall stickers, and OOH displays all over Singapore.
On top of that, we reached out to our digitally savvy audience 
through social media with thumb-stopping boomerangs.
We transformed our MRT cabins into a Graciousness-themed train – it focuses on how one can be an everyday star by doing the Thoughtful Moves

On top of that, the team did 5 cut-downs for radio spots, where each spot came with 1 distinctive thoughtful message. This was surprisingly tricky as some parts of the song had to be re-recorded to ensure consistency in the 5 different jingles.
We also collaborated with fashion students from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), where they conceptualised trendy outfits for the Thoughtful Bunch. It's cool to be gracious on public transport!
No fashion attempt is complete without a fashion show. 
Here are our models decked out in their outfits, together with their mascot counterparts!
Gracious etiquette is always in good taste. 
We partnered with Marigold Peel Fresh, one of Singapore’s most well-loved juice brands, and handed out pretty printed tote bags featuring the Thoughtful Bunch. During the campaign period, the Thoughtful Bunch could also be found hiding among the fruits on Peel Fresh’s juice packs.

We further amplified our messages through a series of Social Media posts 
on Marigold Peel Fresh's page.
Client: Land Transport Authority, Singapore
Year: 2019
Senior Vice-President (Account Management): Eric Chua
Associate Account Director: Kayla Chong
Senior Account Executives: Jolene Lim, Gilbert Wong
Account Servicing Intern: Wilson Cai
Head of Strategy: Udara Withana
Senior Strategist: Shivendra Dikshit
Strategy Intern: Nursyakir Taher
Executive Creative Director: Andy Greenaway
Head of Art: Trevor Lim
Senior Art Director: Chong Jenn Perng
Senior Copywriter: Liao Junqi
Copywriter: Debby Wan
Digital Designer: Sharon Ong
Creative Intern (Art): Larissa Lim
Producer: Pearlyn Ho
Production House: The Momentum
Audio House: Yellowbox Studios

Graciousness 2019 for the Land Transport Authority

Graciousness 2019 for the Land Transport Authority


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