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TELUS - SmartHome Security

On a lawn near you.

In October, 2019 TELUS agreed to acquire ADT Security Services, one of Canada’s leading providers of residential and business security automation solutions. At the time ADT had 500,000+ customers and approximately 1,000 team members across the country.

As part of the awareness campaign to announce that ADT is now TELUS SmartHome Security, 500,000 ADT lawn signs needed to be replaced with one from TELUS.

The brief was short. Design a modern, clear sign that unmistakably communicates that your property is protected by TELUS SmartHome Security.

If you live in or around a Canadian city, these signs are near impossible to miss.

We also created three DIY spots, with kids in the lead role, to demonstrate how easy it is to install the products. If they can install it, so can you.

Updated Fleet.
The lawn sign was integrated into seven different custom vehicle designs.

Window stickers.


Die cast and design prototypes.

This was created while at The Greenhouse
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TELUS - SmartHome Security


TELUS - SmartHome Security