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Reconstructing Collage is a book about Resatio Adi Putra’s best collage artworks from 2010 to 2013. The idea is to show his best collage artworks and share how he did it by deconstructing it. You will receive a poster contains a material to make your own collage art, and you will reconstruct it. Resatio wants to show you that everybody can create something, You can cut it, rip it, glue it, anything that you want to do with the material. It is nothing to do with the technique, it’s about creating something and conveying the message. Art is not off limits. After all, we are the producers of the former consumers.

Be part of the book.

15x21 cm
72 pages
Self stitched japanese book binding

Cover: Linen 230 gsm
Body: HVS 100 gsm