Created and Directed by
Diana Sabino, João Werner, Maria Morna
Our animation was based on the Portuguese proverb "Pai com frio, filho com cobertor" (Father cold, son with blanket). Our project, a child's sleeping peacefully, until awakened by a window that opens due to wind and realizes there is a disturbing presence, a monster which pulls the blanket. The boy tries to grab the blanket, and ends up flying through the air and landed right in the lap of the monster. The mother opens the lights, enters and asks them to be still. When the mother lights up, we can see that the monster is actually the boy's father.
The intention is to draw attention, through as one of the most common fears of children, the monster under the bed, due to the mistreatment of infants, whether physical, psychological or neglect
For class of Introdução a Animação | 2010/2011