TUKATA® is a handmade lifestyle brand that takes on a new perspective in looking at common, daily objects, and from those perspectives, finds and delivers more value to customers. TUKATA does not simply sell handmade products, but seek to provide more valuable and good quality handiworks and services. As TUKATA expand collection of valuable experiences and novel perspectives directed towards the long lifestyle, TUKATA makes a more happy and comfortable tomorrow.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​An unprecedented threat from disease is causing great and small fissures in our lives. People’s faces are hidden by stuffy masks, and ordinary everyday, from going to school and work to coming home, has stopped. It’s totally understandable that a new word “COVID-BLUE” which is a combination of “COVID-19” and “depression-BLUE” is created. 

So, TUKATA this time will describe new “BLUE” againt COVID-BLUE thretening our everyday, just as we have always rediscovered everyday life and presented new values. The color of the sky on a fine day after rain, the color of the endless ocean, and the color of youth in young people’s smile – that’s BLUE. TUKATA will refind BLUE that we used to enjoy before COVID-19, in these deeply depressed days. TUKATA hopes that people would get ordinary daily life back through TUKATA BLUE that TUKATA has rediscovered, and fill thoese days with fresh BLUE color. ​​​​​​​

find your (BLUE)

The color, BLUE, reminds us of nature, like the sky and ocean. It also has two different sides – hope and depression. So, TUKATA tried to infuse a new meaning into BLUE color in order to find freshness, breeziness, and emotional stability in the days depressed by COVID-19. We looked into customers’ everyday lives changed by COVID-19, categorized them, such as travel, mental health, and sanitation, and developed various life style products based on those keywords.
For the identity of TUKATA BLUE, we make use of a marking motif, rather than directly lettering “BLUE”, to tacitly convey a meaning that we will overcome COVID-BLUE and find new BLUE. High chroma blue is generally used across the brand and products to create a bright, positive mood. 

feel (BLUE)

You can meet sea creatures living in the wide BLUE ocean through TUKATA BLUE with a new joy of indirect travel. TUKATA keyring hanging on your bag or cushion you buy for your home interior will help you recall the wide, BLUE ocean, and at the same time, relieve mental fatigue and stress caused by recent social circumstances. 

enjoy (BLUE)

The color BLUE, a symbol of balance and harmony, can help restore blood circulation and calm nerves. Clear BLUE glass cups and dishes could give a feeling of refreshment and emotional stability through its BLUE tone even when drinking water and eating food. Also the messages written on them will soothe depressed souls. 

create your own (BLUE)

When using TUKATA stationery, such as stickers, pencils, and masking tapes, people can get inspiration and create new expression on a BLUE-toned drawing book. Making something with a positive message or listing endless hopes could help you discover new dreams and vision, rather than just sticking to negative reality. 

Image source / collaborate with oimu (@oimu_)

clean your (BLUE)

You can wash away your depression by cleansing with soap that has TUKATA BLUE’s message. The fresh scent of mint will eliminate depression and fatigue right away. 

Image source / collaborate with hanahzo (@hanahzo)

wear (BLUE)

The oscillating beam of BLUE can boost metabolism and stimulate growth. In a t-shirt with TUKATA illustration and message, you can enjoy a whole day full of positive energy. 

(BLUE) experience

To provide a broader brand experience for our customers, we had run a pop-up shop for a month at a café or.er located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. The entire space painted with BLUE created an ocean- or fish market-like mood, and also the scent of ocean breeze and sound of waves filling the whole space helped visitors have a synesthetic experience of TUKATA BLUE. 

collaborate with or.er (@or.er)

(BLUE) communication

We developed TUKATA BLUE’s 3D character sticker by using the Spark AR program for SNS environment. You will get inspired anytime, anywhere by TUKATA BLUE character’s bright attitude and its positive energy, even if you don’t buy it. 

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Members                   Hayoung Jung (@yayahy), Tyodi Hyojin Lee (@tyodi), Hana Jeong
Creative Direction     Tyodi Hyojin Lee
Art Direction              Hayoung Jung
Product Managing     Hayoung Jung, Hana Jeong
Photographer            Sunghwan Im (@im_sunghwan), Bennjules (@bennjules_studio)
Partners                    or.er (@or.er), Hanahzo (@hanahzo), oimu (@oimu_)


find your blue, TUKATA BLUE

find your blue, TUKATA BLUE

​​​​​​​An unprecedented threat from disease is causing great and small fissures in our lives. People’s faces are hidden by stuffy masks, and ordi Read More