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    Brand identity, message framework, web design and style guide for a landscape conservation network.
Brand strategy | Brand Identity | Messaging Framework | Style guide | Website Design
Landscape Conservation Cooperatives is a network of 22 individual LCCs that use a shared-science approach to helping ecosystems adapt to climate change.
The logo uses landscape-like elements to suggest a fabric or weave, symbolizing the collaborative nature of the network. The looseness of the weave represents the connected, but independent, nature of the individual LCCs' work. (This logo appears in LogoLounge's book #8.)
A future interactive map will allow users to hover over a region and get basic information as well as link directly to that LCCs website.
How the network members talk about their work was a big issue. In order to gain credibilty and get buy in for their efforts, a messaging framework gives them language that helps them speak with one voice.