Anita coletivo
Anita coletivo
Pre-selected works at POP's 5th Edition.
Presented works at Mostra Serralves 2013.
"G3" and "Dona Ivone" projects on sale at Loja Serralves.
Partnership with Sala da Frente.
Installation on Caldas Late Night 2013.
Grain by grain the hen fills her belly
This project aims to reflect the Portuguese popular proverb, which served as the theme name. Being the chicken a piggy bank, the grain is replaced by money, creating a parallel between the popular saying and the current economic context in Portugal.
Dona Ivone
"Dona Ivone" project represents a technical craftsmanship (embroidery), with the knowledge of the own artisan, revealing in the product, not only hers technical embroidery and writing, as well as what defines her as a person-cultural values and stories of a lifetime. The process of developing this product occurs during a talk with the artisan Dona Ivone, while she’s embroidering at home. This performance was recorded on video, which is acquired in the shape of a CD, with the doilies.
The springs arise from the observation of typically Portuguese clotheslines and the behaviour of birds which stand on them. This creates a symbol that represents the interaction between the spring, the bird, and the observer.
Ceramic jar with the shape of a G3 rifle, the weapon used during the time of colonial war, and which is marked as the weapon with which the soldiers in 1974, made the carnation revolution on 25 April.
Anita coletivo