The National Flag's Square and The Flag's Museum.
 The National Flag Square was inaugurated in a solemn ceremony in Baku on Sept. 1. 2011
The square covers an area of 60 hectares, and its upper part - 31,000 square meters.Construction work was carried out by local and foreign specialists based on a special project. The height of the flagpole is 162 meters, the diameter of its base – 3.2 meters, and the upper part – 1.09 meters.The total weight of the construction is 220 tons. The width of the flag is 35 meters, length - 70 meters, total area – 2,450 square meters, and weight - about 350 kilograms. On May 29, 2010, "Guinness Book of Records”  confirmed that the flagpole of the national flag of Azerbaijan is the highest in the world.
My role on this project as a Project Manager
•Lighting Concept
•Lighting Design
•Night visualizations

Some numbers
•850 recessed fittings( pedestrian area) for the platform's wall
•2500 recessed LED installed on the stairs
•32 HighPower Projectors just for illuminate the pole
•400 recessed fittings for the perimetral walls
In the Museum i used a biodynamic lighting managment System; the target was to obtain dynamic spatial varation by reproducing the natural changes of sunlight.