Gazettr is an application that collects thematic maps and stories curated by users.
With Gazettr you can plan your trips thanks to the insiders' suggestions or just discover something cool to do around your place; you can make your own maps based on your interests or write your 'geolocated logbook'.

The name comes from 'gazetteer', which is a geographical dictionary or directory used in conjunction with a map or atlas. They tipically contain information concerning social and physical features of a country, region or continent. The information is generally divided into topics with entries listed in alphabetical order.

The logo is a combination of two elements: the outline of a street and a map marker.
The different colours of each section (24hours, urban life, landmarks, streetart, etc.) create a bright colour palette, which sticks out into the gray tone colour scheme of the map.

Concept and Design: Valeria Granillo, Daniele Piccone
Web Development: Daniele Piccone