Progression 2011
Exploring depth within my Illustration
Recently I have been getting the feeling that I am constantly creating the same illustrations, time after time, that nothing feels fresh to me and that I am not really progressing as I should be as a illustrator. We as creatives always want to develop what talents we have to the best that they can possibly be and also to make sure that we are constantly challenged. Challenged to push further, to explore more because at the end of the day, no one wants to do the same thing over and over again.

I decided to set myself up a mini project which i have titled "Progression" and in this project I have decided to illustrate themes that are outside of my comfort zone to see what I can learn and what new skills I can develop. All my previous illustrations have involved carefully chosen colour palettes, flat shapes and a common theme. In this project I have decided to add depth within my illustration and to hold back on the colour as well as trying out some type work.

What a difference a little outer glow and noise make!
Close Ups
Illustrated Type
Illustrated Artist Logo for AgencyRush