iPad AR on F1 Car @ 2013 F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix Showcase Suria KLCC 
Look under the skin of a race car in full 360 degrees by scanning it with an iPad app, where users are treated to a bundle of interesting facts about the car and the technology behind it.
By using an pre-installed ipad, user get to know more information about F1 cars by pointing their camera to this printed panel at the event.
"Its a holistic event include different kind of technology injected to this roadshow, one of the propose idea is Augemented Reality!"
 Not overtaking all the credit, I'm  delight to introduce all the credibility everyone involve:Client: Petronas Motorsport Malaysia / Qube
Behind the scene of testing & UAT
Before finalizing the design and function we actually created a short clips for our client preview .