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    Branding project for Nicolas Neto - Guitar players / professional musician.
Branding: for Nicolas Neto - guitar player / musician
Issues: as a professional musician, the major problem was to create a brand which could represent his work in some areas: guitar teacher, rock band guitar player and a freelancer musician (to work in studios).
resolution: I choosed Art Decó as a design guide, because of when rock and blues were born, that was the design school at that moment. And - it is a cool style.
business card and a website for the very next future.
Nicolas Neto - Guitar Player - photo by @Thaís Mahara
Reference one: Art Decó
Reference 2: guitar player - well dressed, like a blues man / jazz man.
(note: found this pic on Behance, but sadly dont know exactly where. If you are the owner, get in touch please :)
Nicolas Neto: professional musician
Concept: Well dressed like a blues man, serious like a freelance musician need to be and guitar-head what means music knowledge.
Corporate branding