For over 30 years the number one network for kids has brought some of the best in game and sporting events - Shows like Make the Grade, Get the Picture, Finders Keepers, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Double Dare, Guts, Figure it Out, and many more.
Now, Nickelodeon presents Name That Game, the game show where being an expert Nick fan can make you a champion. During the show the host highlights some of the best of the best of Nickelodeon Game Shows. In the spirit of one of those hits, the audience and contestants will do just that - figure out which game show is being featured, and Name That Game.
Splat pencil sketches by Andrew Bernal
Show opening.
Pre-Show animation screenshots.
The host gives clues about the Nickelodeon show the iconic game comes from and in addition to the clues, the audience will be watching the show set unfold in front of them, offering even more insight. The clues are verbally delivered, scenic elements are layered on the video screen, and set pieces are brought on stage.
Game show reveal-animation screenshots.
Title animation screenshots.