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    Victorinox / Swiss Army Mobile & Product Innovation
Victorinox / Swiss Army
Mobile App & Product Innovation Design
Victorinox / Swiss Army
Create Your Own Swiss Army Knife
Mobile App: iphone, DROID

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Victorinox / Swiss Army
Swiss Army Phone - Product Innovation Design
Built on the Android Platform, the Swiss Army Phone tailors its OS and functionality to that of Victorinox's very own heritage. Like much of its Swiss culture and quality made products, this phone provides the functionality of an integrated, multi-purpose tool, which utilizes capabilities such as wireless hotspot connectivity, hands free head-set, multiple storage functions and more.
• Wireless Hotspot
• Hands-free Bluetooth® Headset
• Detachable USB storage drive
• Multi-functional writing stylus
• Removable, expandable SD memory cards for photo/video
   cameras and other recordable media devices
• Internal 500GB storage drive
• Precision laser pointer
• High-intensity LED flashlight
• External optical mouse capability
• Legacy toothpick & tweezers

Victorinox / Swiss Army
Swiss Army Case™ - iPhone 4
As smart phones have become a staple now in the world of communication, information gathering and social interaction, what better way to further your most useful tool than to transform it into a super tool. Deriving from something straight out of a James Bond movie, this multi-functional case pushes the limits of mobile technology and travel. With the provisions of extending battery life, protection against the elements, and ergonomically improving smart phone technology, the Swiss Army Case embodies it all.