Modulus - Sustainable notebook
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The WEEE directive is forcing manufacturers to collect and recycle electronic equipment at end-of-life.  Whilst this is a good thing for the environment, most consumer electronics, and particularly notebooks are not easily disassembled into their constituent components, making for a time and cost inefficient process.  
Modulus is designed to snap together without the use of screws - except the 2 user friendly hinge pins on either side - the notebook can then be disassembled by hand at end-of-life, or by the user to facilitate repairs and replacement of internal components.
Casings lift off via a fingernail recess and rotate around the back hinge, like a book.  Removing the screws then disassembles the casing components completely, allowing the casing material ABS to be separated from electronics allowing the material to be remoulded into new notebooks.