Heart of Inflammation
Heart of Inflammation
3D Production: Newt Studios
Agency: MERGE
Client: Kiniksa

Project Description:
Animations and 3D visuals produced to reinforce the pathophysiology concepts on www.heartofinflammation.com, an HCP resource that communicates the central role of the inflammatory cytokine IL-1 in recurrent pericarditis.

Interleukin-1 (IL-1) is a family of cytokines that includes IL-1α and IL-1β -- cell signaling proteins that activate local and systemic inflammation.
Interaction between IL-1α and IL-1β triggers the autoinflammatory cycle of recurrent pericarditis and drives ongoing tissue injury in the pericardium.
Looping animation of IL-1 cytokines swarming and triggering inflammation in the heart's pericardium.
Looping animation of IL-1α and IL-1β building to form IL-1 -- the master cytokine of inflammation.
Heart and Pericardium -- 3D Modeling Process
Heart Animation -- Particles setup and animatics
IL-1 Master Cytokine -- Style development
IL-1 Animation -- Particles Setup
Heart Visual -- Organic Style development
Heart Visual -- Star-field Style development
Heart Visual -- Glass Style development
Light-bulb Visual -- Style development
Heart of Inflammation