Brief :
To create two engaging illustrations for Origin's December 2011 (Seasonal Collection) launched Brazilian coffees, which will sit side by side in their UK stockists. Both roasts originating from Fazenda Das Almas, but processed differently; one being pulped natural, while the other is natural process. The purpose being to demonstrate the difference processing can have on the flavour of the bean.
My concept was to create labels which perfectly highlighted the relationship between the two coffees, whilst still referencing differences between Brazilian Das Almas Natural &
Das Almas Pulped Natural. On the face of it and if you took a quick look, the two bags could be mistaken for each other. However take a closer look and you'll notice subtle differences which infact, on reflection, makes each picture completely unique.  Exactly the point of the coffee.
Art Director : Ross Imms : A-SIDE Studio
Client : Origin Coffee
Date : 2011