Techno- aesthetic detailing of a pay phone
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    This was a project where problems had to be solved by changing as little of the original design as possible
Techno- aesthetic detailing of a public pay phone
To reduce the overall bulk, fillets are given to the form.
To ensure a reduction in vandalism, the body is made of textured steel which will make a bad noise when scratched.

The problem with the LCD display was that when there is too much light on the screen, the user could not read the screen. So, there is a slight inward recess given that will reduce the direct light coming on the display, thereby improving readability.

To ensure that the product can be kept outdoors even throughout the night, a locking mechanism was made wherein the product can be hung using the 2 pipes behind the phone and locked with a key.
The coin slot was given a slight raise at the edge so that the coin does not slide directly out of the slot when a refund happens. The user can then slide his/ her fingers in a pick the coin.

The keypad size was suitably increased to accommodate fingers fully without pressing two keys at a time.

 A heat sealed reflector sticker will be stuck on the front to aid its notice ability at night 
Keypad suitable for the visually impaired
The main problem with the instructions is that they do not last; and that creates a problem because every public phone operates differently from the other. The solution to this was to make the sequence as intuitive as possible.
To facilitate that, LEDs are put onto various parts of the phone (the phone line comes with a voltage of 30-40v that can run a few LEDs). The sequential flickering/ lighting up of the LEDs instructs the user.

When the receiver is picked, the coin slot lights up, indicating that the coin must be inserted.
Once the coin is inserted, the LCD display and keypad lights up, indicating that the user should punch in the number. While the numbers are being punched in, the user will be able to hear the numbers through the receiver. 
If, in the middle of a call, the user has to insert another coin, the coin insert slot will light up again.
Once the call is completed, if the user has to receive any refund of coins, the coin collection slot will light up.

Instructions will be given by sound to visually impaired and will be heard through the receiver.