LIBEŇ 2060
School Project, year  2009
Midstep between architecture and urbanism, this is how I can interpret task of winter semestre back in 2009. Location was set in Prague, on Libeň peninsula, which is very close to quater Holešovice, where massive boom of development is taking place, especially of office and public buildings. So, the very first idea which came across my mind was to create some sort of  ° Oasis ° close by. Purpose of this so called Oasis woud be a peacefull place to live, divided from rush and busy part of the city. Living in the green, along with water around you seems like a great place to start. But, if you want to keep green parks there, you don´t have enough place to build, so, you need to go up towards the sky.  Without letting green parks go, I tried in one of the buildings connect apartments  and green parks vertically in one solitaire standing volume.

Among parks and flats, proposal also offers swimming pool, gym, squash, supermarket, and playground on the top floor - everything together in one. Rest of peninsula is filled with self-standing apartment buildings - eggs, and two office building with square between them connected to small marina. Under whole area there is service floor and garages for inhabitans.

1 - Whole peninsula with housing and vertical tower in background
2 - Inner path between buildings
3 - Vertical tower

Vertical tower on the top, apartment building on the west next to the water with private park and gardens. Office buildings on the east, creating square in the middle with marina and one of the entrances to garage floor.

1 - Vertical tower
2 - Apartment Egg