the Sunflowerman 2013 Fall Collection
The Sunflowerman, Fab Event Collection is the 2013 Fall Collection of Book-Page Fashion Illustrations.
It is a collaboration with Fab as a selling platform and Featuring Fashion LeadersAlexander Nash, SKINNYFATTIES, JoeSteezzy, Wristi and The Urban Animal Scientist. The Fashion Features will be sold as 8x10 Digital Prints and will be complemented by Limited Edition sets of Wood-Block Prints and Hand Painted Illustrations. The Collection launches with discounted prices at Fab for seven days and will continue through the fall at
I had the exciting opportunity to create 20 new pieces for this fall collection and I cannot wait to share it with everyone. Take a look at some of the pieces that will be available in just over a week.
The Original Works
The Original Works are a series of Fashion Illustrations made specifically for the Fab event. Each Design is a Limited Edition of 5 illustrations.  After they are all gone they will never be painted again.
Tweed is Forever
It's Not About the TIme
In Brogue
Black Tie Night
Vintage Man
Joe was the first person to purchase a Book-Page Fashion Illustration, back when the work was adolescent and immature. His West-Coast community is extremely active and passionate about fashion. I couldn't help but feature JoeSteezzy because of his early support and his place as a fashion idol.
Suit Up
The Confident Enthusiast
From early on Wristi was a supporter of Sunflowerman. I was excited to do a Wristi feature beacause he has cornered a very specific facet of Menswear. His focus on watches and travel hit a unique desire for many men who appreciate fine tradition, craftsmanship and the passion to see the world.
Where's Wristi?
A Man And His Watch
The SKINNYFATTIES feature is an homage to creativity. SKINNYFATTIES started a business in a saturated market in a way that set him apart from everyone. He has an amazing story. I love the way he has met the modern man with a tireless work ethic. SKINNYFATTIES keeps us all in style.
Old Tie, New Look
The Skinny Fat Tie
The Urban Animal Scientist
The Urban Animal Scientist has been mentoring me before there was Book-Page Fashion. Any chance I have to honor the brand is an honor for me. He has taken the dog industry from cute and plush to masculine and fashionable. The Urban Animal Scientist aesthetic is at the heart of men's fashion. 
Be Happy And Humble
A Man And His Dog
Alexander Nash
With an eye for beauty in Men's Fashion Alexander Nash is a leader in men's suiting. Real Men Wear Real Flowers is his motto and amazing clothing his passion. The Alexander Nash feature focuses on the heart of men's fashion through the eyes of a great designer.
Real Men Wear Real Flowers
The Alexander Nash
The Wood Block Prints
The Fine Art Wood Block Print is a series made specifically for the Fab event, bridging the gap between Men's Fashion and Fine Art. Each Wood Block will be sealed and sold after an 80 print Limited Edition run.
Nice Day For A Bike Ride
When it Rains
Progressive Man
You're A Dapper Man
For Discerning Eyes
the Sunflowerman 2013 Fall Collection

the Sunflowerman 2013 Fall Collection

The Fall 2013 Fab Event Collection