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    Final project made in my second semester of Video. A man, depressed, decides to commit suicide...
- Deliverance -
An ECU Production
A Pangea Production

A MAN in his depression and frustration decides to commit a suicide using plastic bag. In the painful process, he keeps reminding himself how bad his life was and trying to convince his body that he is worth dying. The attempt fails and he loses his left side of body..
Man: Josh Richards
Boy: Aiden Haile
Children one: Eric Liheri
Children two: Zane Jones
Voice Over: Greg Cubbage

Executive Producer: Andrew Ewing
Directed by Jemmy Susilo
D.O.P & Lighting:
Greg Cubbage
Assistant Director: Saleh Ibrahim
Script Writter: Glen Parks  - Open Letter -
Screen Play: Jemmy Susilo
Continuity: Sarah Derroisne
Sound: Marjorie Fouquereau, Saleh Ibrahim, Sarah Derroisne
Editor: Sarah Derroisne
Sound Editor: Jemmy Susilo
Art Direction: Jemmy Susilo, Sarah Derroisne