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Snapshots of Rajasthan
A collection of illustrations inspired from my trip to one of the most culture rich places of India early this year in 2020. Rajasthan known for its palaces, Haveli's, inlaid ornamented marbles and architectural grandeur is a visual treat to any visitor.

Here is an attempt at recreating my experiences from the many sketches and pictures I made from my visit
The spectacular Amer fort and its majestic exterior, serpentine staircase and towering fortress. High on the hills, overlooking the city of Jaipur. 

Young Kesri, learning the art of the balancing on two wheels in the narrow lanes of Jaisalmer fort 

A view of the narrow long corridors of Hawa Mahal and the city skyline from the watch tower. .

Evening ritual of Ram Singh, by the picturesque Gadisar Lake. 

Carved lattice windows, mirrored walls and play of colour by the morning sun. #MehrangarhFort

Towering view of the mehrangrah fort, Jodhpur with its mesmerising perspectives. The tune of ravanahatha (folk string instrument similar to violin) makes for a prefect setting to enjoy this historical marvel.

Exploring the large courtyards and patios of the palace, embellished with beautiful carved marbles, inlaid ornamentations and jali work. Distinct murals in every nook and corner, With a perfect blend of colours,
 culture and design.

Sketches made at the location 
paper and ballpoint pen
The spectacularly Hawa mahal and the city skyline from the stairways. Made on location

Beautiful sunset at the picturesque Gadisar Lake - Jaisalmer. Made on location

City Palace and its intricate carvings, walls and window panes

Quint essential umbrella maker, at the Jodhpur market
The panoramic view of the Amer fort Court yard. Made at location

The entrance to the Jaisalmer fort, made at location. One of the only living forts today

Thanks for making it all the way! 
Snapshots of Rajasthan

Snapshots of Rajasthan