Packaging design for ice cream
Hypothetical brand: Chaat

this was a group project with a graphic designer-Pulak Bhatnagar
Duration: 2 weeks

Brief: To select a product, create a hypothetical brand around it  and design suitable packaging and graphics.

Product chosen: Ice cream

Branding: A hypothetical brand 'Chaat' (Hindi for 'to lick') was created. The entire range of ice creams would have experimental flavours with an Indian touch (eg. jalebi, paan etc...)

Structural packaging: The form of a triangle was given because they would tessellate with each other in display and transport, thereby enabling more numbers. In a parlour scenario, the empty (unused) cups can be stacked. The cups are made of polystyrene and will be transparent, so the colour of the ice cream will be visible through the box. The capacity of this is 80 ml. The cups can be theromoformed.
Triangular form enables better utilization of space
Transparent cup allows user to see the contents inside
Another view
With the graphics
With ice cream inside
Design for the holder:

Holder is made of tessellating triangles. Can be used as a self service tray in parlours and as a carrier to parcel the ice cream for a take away.

How it works:
The user places how many ever single ice cream packs he/ she wants in the triangular cavities of the tray. The next cavity on either side act as a handles that enables carrying the ice cream away.

The tray with cavities that exactly match the size of the single ice cream packs
Single packs placed in the tray
A single pack with the tray used as a carrier
Tray used as a carrier for multiple packs.