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Max Dalton drew up an amalgamation of all seven Anderson features for the book's front cover. My typography manages to just barely invade the landscape.
Max Dalton's endpaper roll call of Anderson characters along with the jolly front cover typography.
The table of contents sets the tone for the stamp collecting adventure. These stamps feature the type treatments created for each film. (Notice the absence of Futura!!!)
We chose background textures and fabrics to work with each film. For Bottle Rocket, we surround the essay with shots of grassy lawns.
A particularly touching trio of stills from Rushmore.
The Life Aquatic’s tour of Steve Zissou’s boat gets an intricate collectible card treatment.
The Dream Train sequence from The Darjeeling Limited gets a set of stamps affixed to a vintage postcard.
I invented the Cine-Star brand of collectible cards for Fantastic Mr. Fox.
We used vintage Boy Scout uniforms for the Moonrise Kingdom fabric treatment.
Max Dalton’s back cover shows the same front cover scene late at night.
My advance copy of The Wes Anderson Collection arrived last week. The book is built around a set of thoughtful essays and extended interviews with author Matt Zoller Seitz . It overflows with stills, behind-the-scenes shots, props and ephemera from all seven Anderson features as well as wonderful illustrations created by Max Dalton for each film. As part of the design strategy, I took the title “collection” literally and imagined sets of stamps and cards that an Anderson character might well be obsessively collecting. Please enjoy this small taste from the full 336-page book. More to come!