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Cutting down the number of swings—
I mean, clicks—between you and your clubs
Golf Blue Book—a product of Exchange Blvd.—needed much more than a redesign. The industry standard for golf club trade-in pricing and auctioning, needed an information design overhaul and new website design that was easy to use, easy to read, and which reflected the product’s new brand, included the copious amount of content available in the printed edition of the bluebook, and preserved valuable advertising space.
The result was a radical shift away from the previous website’s structure, user interface, and design. Through the use of a ubiquitous search tool or a tabbed page-by-page listing, the golf club search process was streamlined and made consistent throughout the website. Additionally, the new compact search tool was packaged to allow its portage offsite to vendors, affiliates, or golf aficionados with all search results driving traffic back to
But the most revolutionary change affected the website information display. Where previously several pages were required to describe each golf club, its values, pictures, reviews, and statistics, the new design consolidated all the relevant golf club data onto a single, compact page. The result is a series of flexible, individual golf club pages that more effectively communicate with website users, drive more traffic to’s e-commerce features, and optimize the website’s content for search engine crawlers. Home page Browse by club and original equipment manufacturer UI