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    We created a unique giveaway to highlight the power of a letter and how it gives prisoners of conscious hope.
Each Letter Gives A Prisoner of Conscious Hope
Amnesty International fights for the rights of those that are tortured, abused and illegal detained without due process. They do this by organizing mass letter writing marathons in schools, universities and community centers. This simple act may seem like a small feat on an individual level, however when organized and executed in large numbers, the letters can reach up to 5000 individually signed statements condemning and demanding the immediate release of the detainees. Letter writing can have a resounding effect on dictators, tyrants and torturers, both emotionally and psychologically.
We wanted to raise awareness in universities and community centers about the power of a simple letter. So we created a pen, which dubbed as a prison key, highlighting the hope you can give a prisoner of conscious with a letter. 
Copy: Become a freedom writer and give prisoners of conscious hope. For more details visit: www.amnesty.org
Giveaways at Universities, Schools and Community Centers
Copy: Become a freedom writer.