Portraits for various clients, 2013/2014
Jose Mourinho, for GQ
Christy Turlington Burns, for Fast Company's Most Creative People 2013
William Shakespeare, for The Financial Times. Accompanied an article about how data anaysis techniques are now being applied to literature.
FT - Detail
Nick Woodman, inventor of the GoPro; for Stuff Magazine. Nick came up with the idea for the GoPro while surfing. 
Mark Cerny, lead architect of the Playstation 4; for Stuff Magazine
Phil Harrison, VP at Xbox One; for Stuff Magazine
Tony Fadell, iPod designer; for Stuff Magazine
Steve Wozniak, Apple; for Stuff Magazine
Private commission
Craig David, pop star; for Baku Magazine
Baku - detail
Sustainability innovators, for Wired Magazine
Wired - detail
Ron Howard, film director; for Car & Driver Magazine
Adrian Reynard, former racing driver; for Car & Driver Magazine
Ed Whitacre, racing entrepreneurr; for Car & Driver Magazine
Parnelli Jones, retired racing driver; for Car & Driver Magazine
Reeves Calloway, racing engine pioneer; for Car & Driver Magazine