Imperial Dark Ale an Imperial Dark IPA brewed using Rye and lots of Cascade hops.
Mann Co. Brown Ale, a Team Fortress- themed Brown Ale also tipping the hat to Mann´s Brown Ale.
A general label to be used for several beer-styles, hence the free space on the bottom of the label.
An american- style Popcorn Pilsner.
Frankenbrown, an out of style monster of a belgian brown ale!
Coffee IPA brewed for a celebration gathering industry professionals.
´Tis The Saison; A red christmas- saison spiced with a whole organic orange and 24 cloves.
Weizen-Bock With Sprinkles On Top; A light and fruity tropical cocktail of a Weizen-Bock brewed using generous amounts of Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin hops. 
Kenya Believe It; Coffee amber ale with Kenya Gichathaini AA.
Humlerakett; A Hop Rocket of an Imperial IPA
Magnum, P.A. ; A superbly easy-drinking single hop Pale Ale hopped using German Magnum hops.