Typefaces Catalog
Editorial  Text and Display
This was a school project that we had to select typefaces and organized them: by name of typeface, by name of type designer, by technique, by formals, by historical position and by another from our choise, mine was by type of serif and the proper use. I selected only serif typefaces and detailed them. The catalog is organized by year of, and in each typeface specimen have a list that contain name of typeface and year, name of type designer, historical position (classic, neo classic, romantic etc), formals (manual or mechanical), type of serif (old style, transitional, slab modern etc.), thecnique (movable type, offset, photocomposition etc) and typefoudry. All text and infromation was a result a extended research ( books and internet ) about all that typefaces.
The biding was made by me, in folders as you see on foto 4, and that has the instruction to open the perfuration to descover the map of typeface anatomy.
The rough yellow paper was extremly important to give life at this catalog printed with red and black, giving  a purpose for wich it was made for.