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    A-Class Launch in Singapore
Every Family Has A Rebel
Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Mecedese-Benz Singapore wanted to reintroduce its range of cars (STarting with the A-Class) to the young as the perception it has in asia is tainted, being for the older driver. It also fetches  a heafty price tag and considered as a "Luxury" car although the New 2013 A-Class is an entry level car in the entire range of cars offered from Mecedes-Benz.
We created what Mercedes would never usually do. We advertise in places out of the norm, so that we appeal to the target market even more. We did more technologically interactive ads that would appeal more to the younger more savvy mobile or internet users. Everything from a YouTube mimicry to light projection spray painting, we embody the theme of "Every Family Has A Rebel" for all the ads that rolled out.
Below: Sample of the YouTube mimicry that turns into a fully functional brochure