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    part of a personal project i'm working on currently called "fragments".
"wind and silence"

    in this print i've been looking at the negative space as the important part of composition. the "white space" emphasices
    the object, the environment shapes what we see. not to keep it blank i used a clearly fake environment in the first print,
    endless rows of wires in which the foxes rest. in the other one, i leave the room for imagination - the tone from inking
    creates the windy effect on the print.
fill my lungs with pollen

    this is a different process - if first plate is hardground+aquatint on zink, this one is a solar plate. the image is life
    drawing. it took me a week to get the lilly flowers to the point when they looked like i wanted and a few hours to draw
    the model. solar plate works like photoetching - you expose the original drawing on it directly.