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Adobe Creative Residency Project
I was selected to be a 2020 Adobe Recipient for the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund Projects for 2020! As part of the program, I was commissioned to work on an illustration with the Adobe Illustrator BETA team to promote the launch for Adobe Illustrator on the iPad. 

As part of the project, I was able to test the app, make feature requests, and provide feedback directly to the team. Having used Adobe products for many years now, it was a cool experience to be able to work with one of their teams in this way and be a part of the process. It was fun to see how I could use the new app features and discover the possibilities of what I could make with Adobe Illustrator on the iPad going forward.

"The Golden Hour"
Timelapse video of my process using Illustrator on iPad — Music by Yaovi Babara

Final Deliverables

Features screenshots Some features used: Radial Repeat, Mirror Repeat, Grid Repeat, Shape Tools, Pathfinder, Gradient

Work-in-progress screenshots

Initial concept sketches

Thank you for viewing my project 

And thank you to Adobe! If you're interested to learn more about the fund, be sure to check out Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund.


Adobe Creative Residency Project