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    Trading Card business cards for Clubhouse Films
Clubhouse Films is a new start up commercial production house. They needed to get attention in an already saturated market. They asked us to help them accomplish this by creating an alluring identity.  The only communication tool to be produced would be business cards. Nearly all of their networking & marketing is face to face. They asked us to create business cards so they could run out & begin meeting potential clients by networking on the ground.
Clubhouse Films became the final name. We took inspiration from other organizations with clubhouses, such as sports teams, super heroes, biker gangs, & skaters. All of these groups have traits in common with the best production houses, such as, agility, speed, resourcefulness, & honor. This inspiration, with our characters ( the founders of the company, ) led us to create TRADING CARD BUSINESS CARDS. Our clients picked characters which reflect their own strengths as producers, & together, we produced a photo-shoot. We agreed the best trading cards are vintage. With this aesthetic in mind, we shot on 35mm film & designed nostalgic cards.
Our clients are a hands-on team, that represent their brand themselves. We wanted to embody the spirit of the team visually in a memorable & immediate way. We wanted the visual identity itself, to be produced by the production house. This would show off their capabilities directly on the card. Ultimately, the cards should work harder than normal cards, by sparking conversation, where our client could express all the things they are good at, using the cards as an engaging tool, while networking.
Interest in Clubhouse Films soared & the concept of 'active production house', was easily adopted by their potential clients. Soon, everyone was talking about Clubhouse Films. From nobody's in the market, Clubhouse has since scored major productions with the biggest clients around Asia. They gained a reputation for being just as effective as their alter egos and are in demand because they are not a standard production house. The cards have become extremely popular and even sought after and collected, as trading cards should be.
Photographer: Frederik Wissink
Images shot by Wing Chan