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Customer Journey Map

I believe everything we touch or use has some kind of user experience associated with it. I don’t want to limit myself thinking that user experience is only for mobile and websites. This is my very first approach to create a user journey map for a real shoe shop.

User research:
I have done some user interviews with my friends and acquaintance. I wanted to know how they buy shoes from a market and what is the pain point that bothers them most. My research helps me shape the solutions. I tried to reflect on my finding on the user journey map. 

 - User research (General discussion with friends and acquaintance)
 - Journey map research (Google, YouTube, Dribble, Behance, Skillshare)
 - Sketch many times with pen and paper
 - Finalized structure  
 - Draw complete journey map in paper
 - Draw Structure in Figma
 - Complete user journey map in Figma

Problems I have faced and how I solve those problems:
There were many problems I have faced to complete this user journey map.

Problem 1:    Getting the idea of a user journey map and its essences takes a while to                         grab.
Solution 1:    I do a lot of research on the user journey map. I watch many tutorials on                         skillshare on the user journey map and finally, after many hours it started                       to make scenes to me.

Problem 2:    There is no fixed structure of the user journey map therefore it was hard                         for me to choose the right one that will serve me best to reflect my                               solution.
Solution 2:     I go through too many user journey maps and trying to understand their                          purpose. Finally, I have joined three/four user journey maps idea to                                make one that would serve me well to reflect my solution.

Problem 3:      Identifying stages for the user journey map was challenging too.
Solution 3:      User interviews and user personas help me to figure out the right stages                          for the user journey map.

Problem 4:      Every stage of the user journey map was some challenges but I want to                          stop here.

Enjoy the customer journey map !

Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map

This project is about customer journey map. This is a journey map for a shoe store and it describes complete journey a user perform to buy a shoe Read More