Illustrations 2010/2011- Those Stars In My Eyes
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    Illustration collection inspired from the wonderful nature - the clouds, the stars and the night sky.
Illustrations 2010/2011 - Those Stars In My Eyes
Illustration collection inspired by clouds, stars and the beautiful night sky.
The goddess of the moon, has three phases of her life in full, crescent and new moon. At the moment, she is taking a short nap in her new moon phase before another cycle of her life starts again.
Tara - Sister I
Whenever you need me
I will always be there
Don't worry my sister
I will support you and love you
Vera - Sister II
Whenever I need you
You are always there
Thank you my sister
for your love and support
Let The Wind Blows
Let the wind blows, and follow the whispers.
Will You Dream Of Me
Under the stars tonight, when you fall asleep, will you dream of me?
The Silent Whispers
Those whispers from my heart, that I can't put into words...
Those Stories You Told Me
Those stories that you told me, every night in my dreams. I will still remember,
when I wake up in the morning.
Hear My Prayer
Hear my prayer, help us out of the valley of despair, let the darkness of the night passes and here comes the light of hope...