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Eurostar with Nick Meek
A curious down to earth mascot explores major tourist attractions by means of Eurostar's high-speed passenger service for their latest 'You see more when you don't fly' TV and print campaign. Trying to train an enormous bird with a brain size of a walnut is challenging enough, but what to do when there's only Emus or randy ostriches available at the time of preproduction? A CG ostrich comes the rescue... 

Photographer Nick Meek asked us to hop into the nest to hatch the unusual tourist on the screen. Before heading to Amsterdam and Paris the team covered several locations in London, accompanied by our local CGI director Christoph Bolten and post artist Maria Luisa Calosso. With the support of an endearing and very patient cardboard bird, our CGI experts made sure to gather all necessary elements and spheres for the comprehensive post production process.

Besides matching camera angles, scale and lighting, it was crucial to have the bird appear as realistic as possible, without looking too anthropomorphic. 
The finished ads, running as billboards, online and and in print:
Take a glimpse behind the scenes to see how we did it...
Head to our blog for more video of our new feathered friend coming to life.
Client: Eurostar
Photographer: Nick Meek
Agency: Engine 
Creative Director: David Dearlove
Art Buyer: Kate Blumer
CGI Artists: Yuriy Dulich, Luca Veronese, Carlos Pecino / Recom Farmhouse
Post Artists: Maria Luisa Calosso, Nuria Segura, Pepe Alram, Aljaz Bezjak  / Recom Farmhouse
Photographer's Agent: Siobhan Squire, Charlotte Dale
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Eurostar with Nick Meek

Eurostar with Nick Meek