HAIDEMÜHL - Balance of a lost village
Five folders including 20 maps, dealing with the relocation of the East German 
village of Haidemuehl in 2006. Every single map can be read and paged 
through like a magazine until it is completely unfolded. Once unfolded, the 
maps highlight the essential information belonging on the individual subjects. 
The flipsides of the maps are DIN A0-sized photographs shot with a Sinar P2 / 8x10 inch.

The project "Haidemühl" covers the following subjects:

01. The devastated ghosttown of Haidemuehl
02. Surface mining in Brandenburg, Eastern Germany
03. The brown coal power station Schwarze Pumpe
04. Renaturation and recultivation
05. The relocated village of Haidemuehl

20 maps (format DIN A0 folded down to DIN A4)

The used photographs can be seen in the project "Haidemühl - Photography".
The used photographs can be seen in the project "Haidemühl - Photography". 
Haidemühl - Balance of a lost village