Las Teselas
Las Teselas is a multi-family residential area built in the heart of nature. It's a place where you can grow roots and start building your family's legacy. Las Teselas is a direct translation of 'The Tiles'. Our focus on the concept of the brand was family and the memories you make together. Each memory we make is like a tile in itself that we collect to form our family's story and connection. 

When designing the brand, we wanted to keep the warmth of a family home and nature at its core. Overall, we designed an elegant and timeless brand that celebrates the warmth of Mexican families and encourages them to start living their story. 
The Mark

The mark for Las Teselas is constructed of several symbols. In the center, we have the symbol of a home where families live and stay together. Then we have our roots, made of all the memories and special moments. Last but not least, we have our family, which is the base and starting point of all of our stories. 
The Mosaics

We created a mosaic pattern formed by individual pieces or "teselas". Each icon represents a different element or attribute of the residential in a graphic way. When these pieces are put together, they form a beautiful mosaic design that can be used as a pattern for decor in the residential or as a staple in the overall brand identity. 
The Tagline

The tagline we created speaks directly to the future homeowners of Las Teselas. The tagline translates to 'Open the door of your story' which speaks of a new beginning for them and their families. We wanted the voice of the brand to be warm and aspirational so that people could find a deeper connection to the place.
Las Teselas