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    Dream Weaver Pavilion was a collaborate with architect, Luis Rivera for the Governor's Island, City of Dreams, 2011 Pavilion Contest.
Dream Weaver Pavilion, 2011 
A collaboration with Architect, Luis Rivera
    The 2011 City of Dreams Pavilion will be constructed almost entirely of recycled wooden pallets and will captivate the visitors of Governors Island with it’s aesthetic beauty and material resourcefulness.
    The Dream Weaver Pavilion will invite the public to lounge, relax, and explore. While the pallets function as seating close to the ground, they spiral upward as supports to a shade sail made of recycled fabric which will protect the visitors from the intense summer sun and poor weather. The design offers an ideal platform for a broad range of summertime activities, performances, and lectures, both educational and leisure alike. The large central area is perfect for a dance performance, as the audience can gather round on the ample seating.
    Seating within the pavilion was designed to accommodate both large groups and families, as well as intimate couples. The Dream Weaver Pavilion is unquestionably an ideal location for diverse activities such as congregation, exploration, meditation, people watching, sketching, reading, picnicking, and sunbathing, just to name a few possibilities.

    To see that the Dream Weaver Pavilion comes to fruition in the most sustainable manner possible we will be partnering with an environmentally conscious pallet recycling company. With the borrowed pallets, which are both structural and durable, we will construct a pavilion to be enjoyed by the masses throughout the summer of 2011. At the end of the Dream Weaver’s life the pallets will return to the company and eventually reenter the work force. Other materials used in the Dream Weaver Pavilion, such as the trees and shade sail will be a given to Governors Island if they are willing and able to provide a home on their grounds for visitors to enjoy for years to come.
    The Dream Weaver Pavilion will educate and inspire it’s visitors to see the potential in existing materials and make wiser decisions as a consumer. The construction of our pavilion will have a net zero impact on the planet, making an impression on it’s visitors instead. The Dream Weaver Pavilion demonstrates strength and positivity in these times of economic struggle.
Proposal for Governors Island, City of Dreams, 2011 Pavilion Contest