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    Football Tigers - A fantastic promotion from Kellogg's will see it give away its brand new football training videogame title, Football Tigers. De… Read More
    Football Tigers - A fantastic promotion from Kellogg's will see it give away its brand new football training videogame title, Football Tigers. Designed from scratch, Football Tigers is a complete videogame delivering over 10 hours of solid gameplay. This exclusive game has been made available FREE on special packs of Kellogg’s Coco Pops and Frosties. A UNIQUE VIDEOGAME...SKILLS TRAINING & GAMEPLAY Football Tigers is the world’s first football training videogame. It combines both the intensity and fun of a traditional football videogame with the advanced tips and lessons of a football training academy. Players learn how to volley, head the ball and take penalties like a professional and then take their new skills onto the pitch to earn tournament medals. A RETAIL quality videogame...FREE? Football Tigers, developed by Microtime, sports technology, lush graphics and addictive gameplay usually only found on retail shelves. Microtime has an unparalleled track record working with advertisers to create bespoke videogames of the highest standards and has created and developed original, compelling gaming content for over a decade. With the current demise of traditional advertising channels, Football Tigers provides a glimpse to the future as new interactive channels present advertisers with the chance to become media owner! The future for gaming...Does this mean that games will be free? As the history of other media has demonstrated, advertisers will perform an important role in the future of interactive entertainment and producing their own content is just one of several opportunities currently opening up to them. Whilst many games will continue to pursue a retail purchase/subscription model, advertisers can take advantage of the many eyeballs now glued to interactive entertainment by creating and owning content, which can then be tailored perfectly to their brand message. There is a great mutuality here, consumers get what they want, high quality entertainment and experiences for free, whilst advertisers get exclusive and extensive exposure for their brand. 9 SKILLS 3 TOURNAMENTS OVER 10 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY Using state of the art technologies, Football Tigers offers 9 different football skills, showing how each is performed, offering the player new camera angles to capture precise techniques. Kid’s can practice each of the skills with challenging interactive gameplay, earning medals and trophies from TONY ™ as they progress. There are two action packed Football Tigers CDs available on packs of Frosties and Coco Pops. Each CD has different skills to master where different football tips and skilled techniques are showcased: The player can choose from skills such as free-kicks, volleys, penalties, heading the ball, pass & move, shooting at goal, throw-ins and more.... A UNIQUE FEATURE ... VIRTUAL PLAYER... PLAY IN THE GAME AS YOU! A unique feature of Football Tigers is the ability to have your own head appear on your actual in-game character! This incredible feature allows you to generate a 3D head from any regular 2D photo. TRANSFER YOUR SKILLS FROM THE PC TO THE PITCH Once you have perfected your skills, it is time to Play Outdoors and show your friends your new moves! Football Tigers gives kids the opportunity to develop their football skills by teaching them how to perform the skill for real out on the pitch. With a detailed training programme including technique videos, diagrams, exercises, tips and game rules, kids can take routines outdoors and demonstrate to their parent’s what they have learned in game for real. TAKE PHOTOS OF YOUR COOLEST MOMENTS Kid’s can create amazing diary journals and galleries to record their progress from beginner to a true Football Tiger. Football Tigers ....available now across Europe IN PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES in special packs of Kellogg’s. Read Less
Kellogg's Football Tigers
A bespoke football training game, around the central philsophy of football skills and kids, distributed to over 6 million consumers in key European territories during the 2006 World Cup year.