Norwegian Suburbia
3D Visualization for our client Bratsberg Gruppen AS
This is from a client project we did going into the summer of 2010. The client came to us with blueprints from an architect, a birdseye photo of a big empty space in the terrain and wanted us to 3d visualize a new residential area consisting of 12 houses, roads, terrain and the works.

These are final composits we did for this project. The 3d models were made and rendered in 3DS max with mental ray.
After the main renders and the AO renders were completed we went on to compositing in Photoshop. Vegetation, people, color and more was composited in Photoshop.

This project lasted 2 months (including rendertime), and i'm happy to say that our customer was very happy with the outcome, and since this project was to be used for prospects, all 12 properties were sold shortly after the prospects were released.