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    Watercolor illustrations for Spellbound, a children's e-zine.
These are recent projects I've done for Spellbound Magazine, a relatively new children's e-zine produced by Eggplant Literary Productions. They've been a great press to work with; the editor and art director are lovely people and the issues have themes that are open to wide interpretation.
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Creatures of the Deep Dark Woods
Fall 2013
My first sketches for this piece were more fantastical: dragons, elves, the obvious mythic creatures. But I felt that they missed the mark. I've spent more than one night in the deep dark woods, and few fantasies come up to the strangeness of the real thing. So I shifted toward actual forest life, though a kitsune did creep in to keep watch.
Spring 2013
Folklorists Katharine Briggs and H. R. Ellis Davidson point out that when changeling myths were current, nothing was known about disorders such as autism or Asperger’s. Elves switching a human baby with one of their own (or perhaps even a stock of wood charmed with the look of life) served to explain a child who responded awkwardly to the world around it.
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