From screen to spray.I produced 'From screen to spray' a short movie about screenprint and graffiti. The title refers to the book 'From spray to screen' by Louis Halfen which shows infographic work from various french graffiti artists and illustrates the evolution from the spraycan to the computer screen. Here it is the opposite, the screen is the frame used to print a sweatshirt and the final step is the painting on the wall. The video shows a making-of, of the screen-printing and painting but also the combination of both disciplines. I made this video to introduce my design work and promote my website via the graffiti platform, I wanted to propose a different view of this culture through the lens of my camera. Once released on internet the video have been loaded 20 000 times the first week, published on the Montana Spraypaint Company main page and on several graffiti and design websites. 

Set of 10 Sweatshirts. Screenprinted, Letter-pressed tag, signed and numbered. See video above.