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Lost in Zhubei | Branding
Lost in Zhubei | Branding

Established in Zhubei, Taiwan, Lost in Zhubei is a café that brings a moment of relaxation to the busy urban life. 

Together with brand leader, Nicole Liao, Grandvity Design created a relaxing yet professional urban image of the city. By combining waves into the logotype and retaining the elegance of the serif, the brand expresses an easy-going attitude that is later developed into brand applications and interior designs. Whether you are on your way for a cup of coffee or just taking a quick break, you can be “lost in Zhubei” for a moment and forget your worries.

Type | Branding 
Year | 2019 
Client | Lost in Zhubei

Production | Grandvity Design 
Art Director | Noodlemaker
Project Manager | Grape Chiu 
Typography Designer | Noodle Wang
Visual Identity | Jasmine Lin 
Photographer | Kaizer Zhuang /  Si Jia Sun /  Jasmine Lin

Lost in Zhubei | Branding