School brief: Create an interactive project that uses input/output beyond what is typical in computing (keyboards, mice, etc…).

We created a installation where you could steer a hawk on a big screen simply using the movement of your hand. We did using a garden glove, some Arduino hardware and modern web technologies such as WebSockets and WebGL.

The inspiration where memories of our childhood pretending to fly with your body and the game controllers of Nintendo Wii. Although you technically steer using a glove, you quickly forget the glove and it feels like your are steering just using your hand.

Our school awarded us “Gullspiren”, an award given to the best student work in each field for this project.

Torbjørn Vik Lunde: Concept, hardware design and construction, Arduino programming
Einar Löve: Concept, game design and programming
Interview (in Norwegian) with me about the project. Also includes video of the installation.