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Pantene — Nutrient Blends
Motion Graphics
Pantene — Nutrient Blends

Eyes on this juicy and refreshing project – the outcome of an extensive and significant collaboration between Ditroit, Beeta and Grey NYC for Pantene by P&G.

The aim of the film was to romance the pure and natural ingredients, blended into the diverse formulas of this product collection: from rose water to jojoba, from bamboo to castor oil and biotin, each one with a clear personality and with precise beneficial features. Our challenge was to shape the world around each ingredient, picturing a brand new colorful journey, carefully condensed into a TVC.


Hand in hand with the agency, we decided to approach the project with a more abstract attitude compared to the previous brand guidelines: we adopted a fresh design approach, spicing up the film with a touch of fun and rawness, eventually ending up in a playful set of graphical assets in line with Pantene’s new vision.

The visuals crafted for this global campaign are part of a series of films and assets used on regional campaigns promoting a large variety of products, which we eventually edited into a single process reel.


The process reel includes several tests performed for multiple Pantene products
and ingredients. It showcases both the early multi-ingredient video elements
(rose water, biotin, castor oil, jojoba), and the more recent ones, such as charcoal, bamboo, and baobab.

​​​​​​​ From our point of view, this was also the best way to share the meaningful amount of effort, research, and passion behind every manufactured frame.

As a starting point, we stepped into the project with an extended R&D phase with intense focus on shapes, layouts, colors, materials, lights, as well as behaviors and interactions, exploring different ways to tell each ingredient’s story: from the more realistic (for instance, using photo-real 3D elements) to the more abstract, resulting into two different design proposals. Bravely the client chose the more abstract approach, consisting of a stylized and fresh universe of graphical magic.


Direction: Ditroit
Creative Director: Salvatore Giunta
Design & Development: Claudio Gasparollo, Martin Vokaty, Christian Cabiddu,
Matteo Nicoli, Andrew Prousalis, Giovanni Mauro, Enrico Albanese,
Pietro Furbatto, Sergio Papa, Giedrius Paulauskas, Vittorio Gagliardi,
Paolo Rava, Iain Chudleigh, Aaron Smith
Producer: Noemi Bugli

Audio TVC: Smider
Audio Process: Dua Lipa — Bad Together

Agent: Beeta
Executive Producer: Beatriz Romero

Agency: Grey
Creative Director: Arturo Macouzet
Art Director: Emily Pracher
Executive Producer: Keira Rosenthal
Producer: Lauren Gordon, Kelsey Longo

Client: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Pantene

Pantene — Nutrient Blends

Pantene — Nutrient Blends