Sunny + Water

How do you make laundry fun again? Sunny + Water brings out the joy in an otherwise monotonous, inescapable routine. Serving businesses and residences around the neighborhood, the laundromat is a fun and productive fixture set in a container van.

To create a fun atmosphere that matches their fresh concept, we put a bright and colorful spin on the design. The logo features a circular symbol comprising of sun rays and the waves of water, altogether resembling a laundry machine door. Choosing an array of hero colors against the suds, the palette includes a rich Saffron, Fountain Blue, Fruit Salad and Sushi greens, the bright Cinnabar, and neutral New Orleans to balance it out. The space contains a couple more playful elements: the icons. Simple and clean signages show the Drop & Pick-up sections, wash and dry areas, and even the service menu— making the entire experience a load of fun. 

Rising and rinsing to the occasion, the atmosphere is completed by the functionality of the physical space; bright laundry bags and baskets, bold interiors, almost like a place you want to hang out at. By creating this environment, Sunny + Water redefines the mundane into an uplifting task we’re all up for.

Verbal Identity
Visual Identity
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Sunny + Water Laundry