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    Pitch Proposal for Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Johnnie Walker Blue Label
The Blue Society
Johnnie Walker Blue is one of the more rarer "commercial" breed of blended whiskies whithing the Johnnie walker series. They wanted to give a reason specifically to Duty Free shoppers in airports, to pick up their top of the range whisky more often while they travel.
So we created an intergrated experiential journey, marking out the travellers pattern and providing them privilleges while they travel. Just like collecting airmiles while these business travellers go on their trips, They stand a chance to be part of "The Blue Society". 
To be part of it, one has to be invited and somewhat wothy. As rare as the Blue blend of the whisky, we only reward the purchaser of the Blue Label a membership. No money up front or joining fee. Just a bottle of Blue and you are entitled to enjoy these slew of privlieges. And because we wanted to increse sales, this membership lasts for 3 months only. To renew it, just buy another bottle of Blue. 
Above: Direct mails are sent out to key prospects to get them the next visit to the airport.
Below: A directional invitation that is given with their boarding pass upon check-in
Below: A 3D rendition of the emersive experience store that serves out a whisky pairing session educating the blend and notes to look out for while tasting the masterblend of the Blue. At the end of each session, database of tasters are collected to remind them later on The Blue Society events.
Above: On membership, one will recieve a welcome pack with a RFID passport holder.
Below: The refinely designed passport holder acts as a membership card. 
Above: This gives the member immediate access to The Blue Society Lounge, where they can sit back, relax on a custom made blue lounger that has internet via WiFi for free as they enjoy a complimentary glass of Johnnie Walker Blue. It even has a buttler service that does the duty free shopping for members while they wait. They also can request to have it collected as they come back from their trip of to go. Upon arrival, a text message is given when the member switch on his/her phone reminding of his/her purchase made and to collecting before they depart the airport. 
***The above was a pitch proposal that won but ran in a different form as changes of venue and enviromental circumstances varried from time of proposal. This folio overview gives a broad perspective of what was proposed as a wholistic concept rather than an individual piece of work.
Not for commercial use.